FBI Lied About Not Targeting Catholics

 August 15, 2023

Christopher Wray, America's FBI Director, was just caught in a massive lie.

The country simply can't trust this man anymore.

It's time for him to clean up his act, or better yet, clean out his office.

The lie this time was in regard to the agency unfairly targeting Catholics and labeling them as terrorists.

Wray declared, under oath, that the labeling of was the product of only one field office that was not acting in accordance with the main headquarters.

Turns out, he was lying.

Calling Catholics potential terrorists was "a single product by a single field office," according to Wray. "that product did not result, as best as we can tell, in any investigative action as a result of it. None."

When asked why the FBI redacted certain segments from a Bureau-wide memo if it was just the product of a single office, Wray refused to answer.

Now we know why.

He was lying.

Recent investigation has uncovered that at least both the FBI's Portland office and their Los Angeles office were investigating Catholics as terrorists. Each of the offices had an investigation into Catholics opened up as a result of the redacted memo.

It wasn't just one office, and there absolutely was "investigative action."

Wray's a liar.