FBI Knew Truth About Hunter Biden Laptop All Along

 June 27, 2023

Months before 51 intelligence "experts" agreed to lie about the authenticity of Hunter Biden's laptop from hell, the FBI had already authenticated the device as belonging to Joe Biden's son.

They knew it was his. All along.

All of the smoke and mirrors, all of the debates, all of the lying, all of the coverups, ALL of it could have been avoided if the FBI had come out and simply told the truth about what its agents already knew.

The organization simply wouldn't do it.


It wouldn't look very good for Joe's presidential chances if, when going into an election, all the electorate could think about is how dishonest the Biden family is.

"We have no reason to believe there is anything fabricated nefariously on the computer and or hard drive," an FBI memo from the relevant time period said. "There are emails and other items that corroborate the items on the laptop and hard drive."

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