FBI File Links Joe Biden To $5M Bribery Scheme

James Comer, a Republican from Kentucky, recently dropped a bomb on the American people when he exposed that a subpoenaed FBI informant file links President Joe Biden to a $5 MILLION bribery scheme.

Comer, the House Oversight Committee Chair, revealed the stunning size of the alleged bribe in a letter that he sent to FBI Director Christopher Wray on May 24.

Wray has been refusing to provide the file in question, continuously stonewalling James Comer's subpoena to obtain the unclassified document. Comer has promised to hold the FBI in contempt of court if the FBI does not start cooperating and hand over what Comer is asking for.

Between covering for Hunter Biden when the "laptop from hell" was determined to belong to the president's son, to the Department of Justice obstructing IRS whistleblowers from getting the truth out, Joe Biden's federal government has been playing dirty for quite some time.

They got themselves into this mess via foul play, and they're trying similar tactics to get themselves out.

If it's up to Comer, it's not going to work.