Hawley: FBI 'infiltrating' churches to spy on Americans

 April 13, 2023

Republican Senator Josh Hawley of Missouri blasted the FBI on FNC's Hannity.

The lawmaker accused the FBI of "infiltrating" churches and spying on Americans.

"Senator, did the attorney general of the U.S. just lie to you in that exchange?" Sean Hannity asked. "Do we now know that?"

"Sure looks like it, Sean — sure looks like it," Hawley answered. "Listen, he knew at the time that he couldn’t answer the question because it looks so bad. He knew that it looked beyond the pale, and it is beyond the pale, Sean, for the FBI to be going into any church in America and trying to spy on Americans, and now we know that’s exactly what they were doing."

"They are infiltrating churches. They are trying to spy on us," Hawley added.

"They regard churches apparently as the enemy and church-going Americans as akin to terrorists," he continued.

"And, yeah, the attorney general sat right there and told me, no, we don’t do that, and now we know they do, in fact, target churches, and they have been. There’s got to be accountability for this, Sean. He’s got to be called on the carpet. The House needs to call him. The Senate should call him, too. But the Democrats will never do it," Hawley concluded.