FBI And DOJ Launch Investigation Into ByteDance

 March 18, 2023

We knew TikTok was bad, but even the most cynical among us probably couldn't have imagined just how evil the app would turn out to be when it was first posted to the App Store.

It's being reported that the FBI and the Department of Justice have launched an investigation into ByteDance, the Chinese owner of TikTok.

The number of ways that TikTok has already violated American citizens is really astounding.

First of all, there have been multiple cases in which the data of Americans were improperly handled by ByteDance.

Second of all, ByteDance knows just how addictive their app is, and they're using it for evil. Users in China are presented with videos that focus on making education and other productive things fun. Here in America, the (mostly young) users are constantly flooded with violence, porn, and other brain-wasting material.

That's because TikTok has two versions of the app. One is specifically meant to make the next generation of Americans dumber.

If that doesn't warrant an investigation, then I don't know what does.