Father of soldier slain during Afghan withdrawal says media is 'ignoring' grieving parents

By Jen Krausz on
 August 16, 2023

After an event where he and other grieving military parents expressed their frustration with how they have been treated by the Biden administration, the father of Staff Sgt. Darin Taylor Hoover Jr. Darin Hoover said they are now being largely ignored by both the administration and the media.

“Darin, we had you on last week after yourself, other Gold Star family members voiced their anger toward this administration. I was just curious, first, was there any response?” Newsmax TV host Rob Schmitt asked.

Hoover responded, “From any of the news? No, except for you guys and Fox. That was it.” He also said the administration had not contacted any of them.

He added, “It irritates me and disgusts me just like it has for the past two years. To me, it denotes tone-deafness, ineptness, and a total lack of respect and regard for our children and for our families as well.”

Hoover said he thinks the pullout was rushed to coincide with 9/11 so the administration could celebrate, and that it was botched and cost his son and others their lives.

Obviously, the Biden administration and their media lapdogs don't want to deal with any of the parents' concerns, including apparent lies told to Hoover about how his son died.