Fani Willis Subpoenaed By House GOP

 February 3, 2024

Fani Willis, the Fulton County district attorney who charged Donald Trump in his Georgia election interference case, is not having a good time recently.


Because America recently found out what she's really like.

She's a liar, an adulterer, and she can't be trusted.

Ever since it was first exposed that Fani Willis appointed the man with whom she was having an affair to prosecute Trump, the country has been concerned that her entire tenure as Fulton County DA may never have been on the level.

Now, Willis may have to actually give some answers for what she's been up to lately.

She's being subpoenaed by House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jim Jordan.

Not only that, the subpoena is part of a broader probe by the Republican from Ohio into whether "whether Willis used federal funds in conducting her more-thantwo-year investigation into former president Donald Trump, who was indicted in Fulton County last year on charges that he attempted to overturn Georgia’s 2020 presidential election results."