Fani Willis asks judge to quash Trump co-defendant's subpoenas

 February 10, 2024

Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis is now perhaps most famous for having an affair with a married man whom she then went on to appoint as Donald Trump's prosecutor in Trump's Georgia case.

As if Willis' desire to have an affair wasn't scandalous enough, she's now making another demand.

She wants the judge in the case to "quash several subpoenas filed by a defendant in the racketeering (RICO) case against former President Donald Trump and others."

"The effort should be promptly brought to a close," the motion to quash argues. "Georgia law — as well as authority from across the country — predictably frowns on a process that permits counsel for one litigant to compel the testimony of counsel and employees of the opposing party, and there is no justification to depart from that general principle here."

Willis has only proved one thing so far:

America CANNOT trust her.

I don't think this move changes that one bit.

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