Famous Defense Attorney Charles Ogletree dies from Alzheimer's disease

 August 6, 2023

Defense attorney Charles Ogletree, who also taught at Harvard Law School, passed away from Alzheimer's disease, an affliction with which he was diagnosed years ago.

Ogletree was 70 years old, and his passing marks the end of a historic career.

The scholar had a prolific career in law, and alongside his work in the American justice system, he also worked in South Africa to help draft the nation's new constitution in the aftermath of apartheid.

Harvard Dean John F. Manning stated, "Charles was a tireless advocate for civil rights, equality, human dignity, and social justice. He changed the world in so many ways, and he will be sorely missed in a world that very much needs him."

Ogletree was another individual who exemplified the American dream. as he began life in Merced, California born to seasonal farm workers who lived in abject poverty.

The attorney and professor excelled at his studies due to his parents' strong support and found himself at Stanford University before going on to Harvard. No matter his views, the life he lived and the obstacles he overcame are worth celebrating.