Famed director William Friedkin dead at 87

 August 9, 2023

The world of cinema was rocked this week after it was revealed that a legendary director had passed away.

According to Breitbart, Oscar-winning director William Friedkin, famous for The French Connection," and The Exorcist, died at 87 in his Bel Air, California, home.

Chapman University Dean Stephen Galloway, a friend of Friedkin’s wife, former Paramount Studio head Sherry Lansing, confirmed the famous director's death to several media outlets.

Breitbart noted:

Friedkin’s 1971 cop drama The French Connection was a landmark of gritty ’70s cinema whose car chase, against a train, is frequently cited on lists of cinema’s greatest car chases. The film won Oscars for Best Picture, director, Gene Hackman’s performance, the screenplay and editing.

Fans know that The Exorcist is often described as the scariest movie ever made. It was one one of several films that cemented Friedkin's status as a legend in the director's chair.

Breitbart added:

Friedkin’s 1977 film Sorcerer, a remake of The Wages of Fear, also is a fan favorite. He recently spoke about his 1980 film, Cruising, to an audience at Beyond Fest in October.

Friedkin revisited law enforcement in 1985’s To Live and Die in L.A. which also boasted intense car chases and gritty portrayals of the Secret Service combatting counterfeiters. Friedkin returned to horror in 1990’s The Guardian.

Not surprisingly, tributes to the famed director poured in across social media, with many paying respects to his storied career in cinema.

"The last two paragraphs of William Friedkin’s memoir. He lived a long life and provided us with some of the most incredible stories ever told. A crushing loss.," one X user wrote.

"R.I.P. William Friedkin, we miss you already," John Frankensteiner wrote.

"RIP William Friedkin one of the realest guys of all time," another X user wrote.

Friedkin is survived by his two sons and his wife, Lansing.