Facebook Dubbed An 'Extremist Organization'

November 26, 2022

Facebook and its parent company, Meta, aren't respected by many people around the globe. Sure, their original idea for a social network that would be better than MySpace was a good one, but since then it's all been downhill.

Espionage, fake news, and censorship have rocked the company in recent years to the point where the entire globe doesn't trust them.


In fact, the Russian Ministry of Justice announced just this week that it was branding Facebook's parent company an "extremist" organization, as Just the News reports.

Russia's Justice Ministry said that Facebook and other groups on the list "are to be suspended or banned by enforced court rulings under the federal law on combating extremist activities."

Meta was originally blacklisted in Russia after "Facebook opted, in the wake of the Russian invasion of Ukraine, to temporarily lift its ban on calls for violence against Russian invaders."

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