Ex-Trump attorney says there is enough evidence for Republicans to inquire about impeachment of Biden

 June 12, 2023

Harvard Law professor emeritus and civil libertarian Alan Dershowitz believes there's currently enough evidence to impeach President Joe Biden.

Dershowitz said "of course" there is sufficient evidence for House Republicans to begin an impeachment inquiry into Biden for bribery.

The legal scholar discussed the recent indictment of former President Donald Trump by Special Counsel Jack Smith.

Trump's indictment alleges that he mishandled sensitive documents.

Dershowitz was asked about the timing of the indictment, which happened the same day that the FBI had to turn over to Congress a document that implicates Biden in a $5 million bribery scheme.

"That information, alleging Biden’s involvement in a $5 million bribery scheme tied to Ukrainian business interests, came after revelations of indirect payments from a Chinese company to members of the Biden family," reported Breitbart.

"Could the Republican-led House investigate Joe Biden for bribery, which is one of the explicitly impeachable offenses in the Constitution, based on the evidence they’ve seen so far?" Breitbart's Pollak asked Dershowitz.

"Of course," Dershowitz replied. "And there is enough to investigate. There’s a big gulf between 'enough to investigate' and enough to establish probable cause, enough to indict — we’re not even close to the latter, but enough to investigate? Of course. I mean, the FBI statement by the so-called reliable informant, if they believe it to be true, gives them enough to investigate."

"And of course, the House, when it was controlled by Democrats, went very, very far in investigating Donald Trump, and as I said at the time, there’ll be tit-for-tat when the Republicans get control of the House, they’ll do the same thing," he added.

"I’d prefer to see mutual disarmament, but you can’t have unilateral disarmament. If one side weaponizes the impeachment and the criminal justice system, you can expect the other side will do as well," Dershowitz said.

"Dershowitz also said that the indictment of Trump, while serious, falls short of the 'Richard Nixon standard,' as well as the 'Hillary Clinton standard' set by the Department of Justice when it chose not to investigate the leading Democratic Party candidate for president despite evidence that she destroyed classified information," reported Breitbart.

Dershowitz represented Trump in his second impeachment trial. Additionally, Dershowitz voted against the former president — twice.