Ex-Chinese Premier Li Keqian Dies At 68

October 28, 2023

Li Keqiang, China's former premier, is being reported to have "suddenly" passed away on Oct. 27.

At age 68, he was less than a year removed from having stepped down as China's second most important leader.

The English-speaking economist was once considered a top contender for the most important job in China but was passed over in favor of Xi Jinping before being sidelined.

Li Keqiang was the only incumbent top official who wasn't a part of Xi's loyalist group.

He's also the only one who suddenly passed away from a heart attack.

The heart attack apparently occurred during the late hours of Oct. 26. By the time it was shortly after midnight on October 27, Li Keqiang reportedly died.

Many posts about his death on Chinese social media seem to be restricted, but the ones that are making it through are expressing shock and grief.

"This is too sudden, he was so young," one Internet user said.

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