Even CNN Can't Let Kamala Harris Get Away With Latest Ridiculous Lie

 July 25, 2023

Question: How do you know when Vice President Kamala Harris has zero idea what she's talking about and is just making up complete nonsense on the spot?

Answer: Her lips are moving!

It's gotten so bad that even people on CNN are having to call Harris out for her habit of producing complete fabrications.

Recently, Harris made a false statement about Florida middle schools supposedly including lessons on how slaves "benefitted from slavery" in America.

Even CNN political commentator Scott Jennings couldn't let Harris slide on this massive lie:

"What is amazing to me is how little Kamala Harris apparently has to do that she can read something on Twitter one day and be on the airplane the next to make something literally out of nothing. This is a completely made-up deal. I looked at the standards, I even looked at an analysis of the standards, in every instance where the word slavery or slave was used, I even read the statement of the African American scholars that wrote the standards –- not Ron DeSantis, but the scholars," Jennings said. "Everybody involved in this says this is completely a fabricated issue and yet look at how quickly Kamala Harris jumped on it. So, the fact that this is her best moment, a fabricated matter, is pretty ridiculous."