EU official says Russia believes it is in 'war against NATO and the West'

January 29, 2023

According to the secretary general of the European External Action Service, Stefano Sannino, Russia now believes it is in a "war against NATO and the West," a belief that has been exacerbated by the decision by the U.S and Germany to give tanks to Ukraine.

The U.S. also refuses to rule out giving F-16 fighter jets to the war-torn country, which was invaded by Russia last February.

The actions of the U.S., and to a lesser extent, Europe and other NATO countries, have kept Ukraine fighting back and prevented the weaker nation from being overrun.

Sannino denied that Europe and the U.S. were trying to fight a proxy war, however.

“I think that this latest development in terms of armed supply is just an evolution of the situation and of the way Russia started moving the war into a different stage,” he said.

The decision was justified, he said, because of Russia’s allegedly “indiscriminate attacks” that have targeted and killed many civilians in Ukraine.

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