UK grandmother mauled to death by bully dogs

 February 5, 2024

One British family's weekend took a horrific turn when 68-year-old Esther Martin was mauled to death by two XL bully dogs, a breed that has been banned in the U.K. and can only be owned by those who possess a specific exemption.

Esther Martin and her daughter, Sonia Martin, were visiting family when the tragic event took place.

Sonia Martin told police, "There were adult XL bully dogs in the property, and my mum had raised concerns to the owners about them being dangerous and quite aggressive. There were also six puppies."

Esther Martin had been told by the dog's owner to put a broom in with the puppies to "distract" the fighting puppies when she was attacked by the adult dogs.

Despite the intervention of neighbors, Esther Martin lost her life because of the dogs, which are recognizable for their muscular build and blocky head shape.

This horrible tragedy is part of the reason why these dogs are heavily regulated. Large dogs are incredibly dangerous and need to be well-trained and controlled in order to keep those around them safe.