Eric Trump rips New York Attorney General Letitia James for wasting taxpayer dollars

November 5, 2023

Eric Trump talked to reporters following his appearance on Friday in a New York City court and ripped New York Attorney General Letitia James for wasting taxpayer dollars.

The former president's son accused James of pursuing a politically motivated case against his father that has no legitimacy and is interfering in the 2024 presidential election.

Eric Trump told reporters "It's the very reason everybody's moving out of New York State, and I was actually one of them. It's sad, and it shouldn't happen. I love this state. This state is absolutely going to hell, and it's because of people like the attorney general of New York."

Not only is James wasting taxpayer dollars, but she is also allowing violent crime to grow out of control in New York City.

Under Democrat leadership, the Big Apple has been beset by violent crime and worsening quality of life. It isn't a good look for radical Democrats to waste city resources on politics when regular people are already suffering.

Eric Trump finished his remarks by saying, "We're going to win this thing. I promise you we're going to win it because we haven't done a damn thing wrong. I've always been a believer that the truth comes out in the end. It will here."