Eric Trump Distances Himself From Father's Financial Statements

November 4, 2023

Donald Trump's son Eric testified on Thursday in regard to our former presidents' finances, and one word seems to sum up his testimony.


That is to say, distance between Eric Trump and any allegedly illegal activities and distance between Eric Trump and Donald Trump's finances.

"I had no involvement and never worked on my father’s statement of financial condition," Eric Trump said on the witness stand.

Eric Trump was being pressed about a specific phone conversation by lawyers for Attorney General Letitia James.

In the call-in question, Trump was apparently being asked "about an email in which an associate asked him for information needed to complete certain financial statements." He was also asked about an additional call that a different witness had brought up.

Eric Trump thought it was ridiculous to expect him to remember details about individual phone conversations, as he is "on a thousand calls a day."

That's 41 calls an hour, 24 hours per day. That's a lot. No wonder he can't remember a specific one.

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