Brother Says Jeffrey' Epstein's Death Was A Coverup

 January 11, 2024

Mark Epstein is the brother of the late Jeffrey Epstein.

Jeffrey Epstein is perhaps most famous for being a financier from New York. I only say "perhaps" because there is also a chance that you know him for running a sex ring that featured many underage participants on a secret island.

Epstein has a LOT of dirt on a lot of very famous people.

So, when Jeffrey Epstein died alone by "suicide" while in a jail cell that featured video surveillance and TWO security guards watching him at all times, people blew the corruption whistle.

Somehow, Democrats got away with it by saying that Epstein's guards BOTH happened to fall asleep, and the video surveillance just happened to malfunction at the moment Epstein killed himself.

Obviously, they're complete liars.

Everyone knows Epstein didn't kill himself.

INCLUDING Jeffrey's own brother, Mark.

Now that Mark is talking, how long will it be before the REAL truth comes out?

Hopefully, that time comes very soon.