EPA asking for total removal of lead pipes for first time ever

By Jen Krausz on
 December 1, 2023

The Environmental Protection Agency proposed on Thursday for the first time ever the total removal of lead pipes from the U.S. water system.

If adopted, the rule could require some local municipalities to replace large portions of their water pipe systems, which could be very expensive.

The reasoning for the rule is that lead in tap water is dangerous for kids and can impair their mental function.

“This is a public health concern that has unfortunately spanned generations and an issue that has disproportionately affected low-income communities,” EPA Administrator Michael Regan told reporters during a phone call ahead of the proposal. “Our proposed improvements are a major advancement.”

Localities would have 10 years to replace the pipes and would have to replace 10% of them each year.

Who's going to end up footing the bill for this "advancement?" Taxpayers, of course.