Energy Department Awards $200 MILLION Grant To Chinese Company

December 8, 2022

The Biden Energy Department has just awarded a massive grant of $200,000,000.


The grant was given to a lithium battery company that is supposed to "help the United States grow its domestic sources of green energy." Only liberals would give grants to a Chinese company and expect it to make America grow.

This is a classic example of a liberal bait-and-switch.

Secretary of Energy Jennifer Granholm told America in October that the grant was going to be used to help develop "American-made" products, saying:

This is truly a remarkable time for manufacturing in America, as President Biden’s Agenda and historic investments supercharge the private sector to ensure our clean energy future is American-made. Producing advanced batteries and components here at home will accelerate the transition away from fossil fuels to meet the strong demand for electric vehicles, creating more good-paying jobs across the country.

Instead, Biden's using it to scratch a little itch inside a communist government.