Emails show Biden administration coordinated with National Archives to hide document find before midterms

By Jen Krausz on
 February 12, 2023

Emails released by the National Archives on Friday showed coordination between the Biden administration and the Archives to hide the fact that classified documents were found in the Penn Biden Center office before the midterm elections from the American people.

National Archives staff were instructed to retrieve the documents secretly and not to make the find public.

In fact, both the administration and the Archives hid the finding from the public until its existence was leaked to the media on January 9, more than two months after the initial find on Nov. 2.

The emails, which were part of a Freedom of Information Act request, made a lie out of Biden's protestations of transparency about the documents.

The Archives requested on Nov. 7 to pick up the documents in a government van and asked Biden's lawyers to keep them locked up until they could get them.

The House had requested the documents previously, but a Jan. 24 deadline was ignored by the Archives.