Emails from Hunter Biden's laptop reveal clash between Biden and divorce lawyers over cash from 'Romania deal'

Emails recovered from Hunter Biden's abandoned laptop show a clash between him and his first wife in 2016 over a “Romania deal” that Biden made with a corrupt oligarch that netted him $1 million.

At the time, Biden was embroiled in a divorce with his first wife Kathleen Buhle. Buhle's attorney, Rebekah Sullivan, brought up the "Romania deal," in an email to Biden's representative, Sarah Mancinelli.

In an email, Sullivan stated, "On the disclosures, help me understand why it is taking so long to get this basic information. Hunter’s office confirmed to Kathleen a deposit of more than $120,000 into Hunter’s TD account, as funds from the ‘Romania deal.' There is no reason to continue to delay providing us the TD account statements and all expenses since the end of the last statement. If there is a reasonable explanation for why those funds are not being used to pay the family’s pressing expenses that reason should be shared with us immediately. Otherwise, please immediately provide Kathleen with half of this deposit."

This email lines up with the findings of House Oversight Committee Chairman James Comer (R-KY) members of which found that convicted Romanian businessman Gabriel Popoviciu had funneled large sums of cash to Hunter Biden through a business partner.

Interestingly, the account to which the money was deposited belonged to Hunter Biden, his sister-in-law-turned-lover Hallie Biden, and another member of the Biden family, who hasn't been identified.

The case against Hunter Biden only gets stronger thanks to this evidence from his divorce battle seven years ago. There is an undeniable pattern of corruption and shady dealings in Hunter Biden's past.