Elon Musk Jumps Into Politics With McCarthy Endorsement

 January 6, 2023

Twitter owner and CEO Elon Musk has came out in support of House Republican leader Kevin McCarthy for speaker of the House.

"Musk’s backing comes as McCarthy begins his third day of trying to garner enough votes to get the job," Breitbart News reports.

"Kevin McCarthy should be Speaker," Musk tweeted.

"The House adjourned at 8pm on Wednesday night, sparing McCarthy the prospect of a seventh speaker ballot which he would have likely lost," reports Breitbart.

"No deal yet," McCarthy said as the House abruptly adjourned. "But a lot of progress."

"A new House speaker is the first order of business for a new Congress. Without it, the 118th Congress cannot conduct any other business, including the swearing-in of new members," reports Breitbart.

Former President Donald Trump has also asked Republicans to vote for McCarthy.

"It is the first time in more than 100 years a speaker hasn’t been chosen on the first round of voting, and the process looks set to drag on with the GOP unable to find a deal," reports Breitbart.

Source: Breitbart