Elon Musk Blasts Wikipedia For Threatening To Erase Twitter Files

December 8, 2022

Billionaire and Twitter owner and CEO Elon Musk blasted Wikipedia for its threats to delete a page labeled "Twitter Files Investigations."

Musk got involved and called on Wikipedia co-founder Jimmy Wales to weigh in.

"Last week, independent journalist Matt Taibbi released the internal communications of Twitter employees during the 2020 election and their ultimate decision to suppress the Hunter Biden laptop story from the New York Post. Come Tuesday, the Wikipedia page documenting the story, titled 'Twitter Files Investigations,' faced deletion from its notoriously left-leaning editors," reported Breitbart News.

"Wikipedia is voting on the deletion of the entry for Elon Musk’s Twitter Files because the editors have deemed it a 'nothing burger' that is 'not notable' because the media didn’t give it enough coverage. These people work hand in hand with the MSM to shape the narrative," wrote conservative commentator Ian Miles Cheong in a tweet.

"Cheong then provided several screenshots of comments from Wikipedia editors describing the story as noting, or, as one editor put it, a 'nothing event about another nothing event.' Another editor also said that the story had been 'generally ignored by the media (with good reason)' without citing that supposed 'good reason,'" reported Breitbart.

Later, Musk responded Cheong’s tweets and knocked Wikipedia for having a "non-trivial left-wing bias."

"While Jimmy Wales did not respond to Musk, the other Wikipedia co-founder, Larry Sanger, already sounded off on the site’s left-wing bias in 2020 when he argued in a blog post that it abandoned neutrality in the name of avoiding what activist journalists call the 'false balance' – the idea that not all opposing views of an argument should be given equal time. He goes through several pages to support his thesis, noting the rather charged language often employed," reported Breitbart.

Source: Breitbart