Elon Musk Becomes First Human To Lose $200 Billion

 January 3, 2023

Elon Musk does some good things. Take the "Twitter Files," for instance. America deserved to know the collusion that was occurring between (mostly liberal) politicians and the executives at one of the most influential social media networks in the world.

He's also done some questionable things, such as conducting brutal and lethal tests on animals that have caused thousands of them to die. He's also pushing electric vehicles on America just as the federal government is.

Both Musk and Biden have a severe financial interest to push Americans away from rolling coal.

That's why it's important to celebrate when Musk does something good, not simply worship the man himself. While he does seem to care about transparency, he still cares about dollars a lot more than he cares about people.

A lot of people in the business world are like that, but that doesn't make them trustworthy.

Musk has been distracted by Twitter recently but may start focusing on his electric cars again soon. Tumbling Tesla stock has made Elon Musk the first human in the history of the universe to lose $200 billion dollars.