Elissa Slotkin And Husband To Divorce After Controversial 2022 Campaign

 February 7, 2023

Democrat Representative Elissa Slotkin of Michigan has a big announcement that is sure to sadden her fans or anyone in support of a strong family.

Slotkin and her husband of twelve years, Dave Moore, are getting a divorce.

"After careful consideration, we are saddened to announce that we are divorcing after 12 years of marriage," Slotkin said. "We’ve reached this decision together after much reflection and we do it on agreeable terms."

They were married in 2011 after meeting in Iraq in 2009. Elissa and her now ex-husband's joint statement simply asked for the public to leave them alone for a bit, reading:

We appreciate everyone’s respect for our privacy on this matter during this time.

The announcement follows an election cycle in which Slotkin was caught not exactly doing things by the book. She was living with a corporate "executive" of a pharmaceutical company receiving millions in federal funding. That "executive" then donated massive amounts of money to Slotkin's campaign and provided her a place to live.

You'd have to be silly to think things were on the level there. Slotkin is a political cheater, plain and simple. Now she can at least do it without guilt, politically or personally.