Eleven-Point Swing In New Hampshire GOP Primary Poll Surprises Voters

 June 17, 2023

Former President Donald Trump just received word that he experienced an 11-point swing in his direction over Ron DeSantis in the early primary state of New Hampshire.

Many Trump haters would have hoped that Florida Governor Ron DeSantis' recent presidential declaration or Trump's two recent indictments would have decreased the support that the former has been enjoying.

It hasn't. In fact, it's done quite the opposite.

Many people are worried that Trump might actually be found guilty in his latest court case. However, if he is NOT found guilty, it's hard to see anyone beating him for the presidency in 2024.

Liberals literally think they have a better chance of putting Trump in jail than they do of putting Joe Biden in the White House again.

The Trump indictments have not discredited the former president, they've actually proved he's been telling the truth for YEARS.

He's been telling us about the political witch hunt against him for a while.

Liberals simply denied it every time. His indictments were proof that they were lying.