Dick Morris Says Jack Smith Election Interference Already Confirmed

 December 13, 2023

According to Dick Morris, writing for Newsmax, what Jack Smith is doing to Donald Trump should be considered election interference.


Because "Federal law requires criminal defendants to be personally present in court as their case is being tried. For Trump, this confinement will start when his trial does in early March."

Trump would, the argument goes, effectively be under a form of "house arrest" during some of the most important months of his life, according to Morris.

The timing of this trial is likely to prevent Trump from campaigning all spring.

You don't have to be a legal expert to realize that's not very fair at all.

If we're supposed to be having fair and honest elections, then you need to give both sides a chance to tell their stories.

Assuming that 2024 is going to be Trump against Biden, Joe's already going to have the media AND the federal government covering for him.

Trump doesn't need any more disadvantages.