BREAKING: Top Democrat SLAMMED In Election Fraud Scandal - Evidence Is...

July 7, 2022

To be fair to Democrat Raphael Warnock, Nancy Pelosi commits about a thousand moral infractions every day, so why should he be held to any other standard?

Unfortunately for Warnock, while nobody seems to care about Pelosi's insider trading, this Democrat is going to pay for his moral and financial infractions.

Senator Raphael Warnock of Georgia has been caught using his campaign cash to fund his legal expenses for a private lawsuit.

The lawsuit is in relation to his time as a church minister and is raising legal questions about spending campaign cash on personal expenses.

The case was filed in 2019 by a resident of Atlanta with allegations that dated back as far as 2005.

Improperly using campaign funds could violate federal ethics laws and have some very serious ramifications for Warnock in the future.

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