Effort To Remove Trump From Wyoming Ballot Dismissed

 January 9, 2024

Following injustices in Colorado and Maine, the liberal nutjobs in Wyoming thought it would be a good idea to try to remove Donald Trump from the ballot there as well.

Guess what just failed in Wyoming?

That's right. Donald Trump is going to remain on the ballot in Wyoming, perhaps changing the trajectory of how these challenges will be ruled upon in the future.

Retired attorney Tim Newcomb brought the lawsuit against Donald Trump being on the ballot in the state, saying that Trump should be removed from Wyoming's ballot because of the same reasons Trump was removed in Colorado and Maine.

The big problem there is that Trump was unconstitutionally removed from the ballot in those states.

That's why Judge Misha Westby dismissed the lawsuit.

Wyoming Secretary of State Chuck Grey,  defendant in the case, gave his opinion on Westby's decision:

I am extremely pleased with Judge Westby’s decision to dismiss Mr. Newcomb’s outrageously wrong and repugnant lawsuit to remove Donald Trump and Cynthia Lummis from the ballot in Wyoming.