Eagle Pass, Texas mayor slams Biden, Harris, for ignoring his calls for help at border

 December 28, 2023

At this point, anyone can see that President Joe Biden and his administration simply do not care about the crisis-level influx of illegals pouring across the southern U.S. border. Some argue that they want it that way.

Regardless, the situation continues to worsen, and local communities that have been dangerously impacted, including Eagle Pass, Texas, have had enough.

According to Breitbart, Eagle Pass Mayor Rolando Salinas revealed during a recent CNN interview that the Biden administration has essentially ignored his called for more federal action at the southern border and especially his community, which has been overrun.

"We feel ignored by the federal government. I’ve called to the government that we need action," the Eagle Pass mayor told Host Erica Hill.

Hill asked Salinas if he'd received any response from the Biden administration and appropriate federal agencies regarding his plea for help. His answer wasn't surprising.

"No response whatsoever. Secretary Mayorkas, about two weeks ago, he had the audacity to visit Uvalde, Texas about 45 minutes away. He didn’t come to visit the situation here in Eagle Pass, Texas.

Salinas added, "I’ve made a call to our President, our Vice President. We need action. There needs to be a message to these people that, if you want to come to the U.S., you have to do it in a legal manner, and if you don’t, there will be consequences. … And it’s just very, very frustrating that the United States of America doesn’t care about the safety, the security of the border."

Hill pressed Salinas, asking what he believes could be a potential solution to the illegal immigration crisis at the border. She asked if deportations or other border policies could help.

Salinas put it all on Biden and his administration, including Vice President Kamala Harris, as he has every right to do.

"It starts with hearing the message from the President of the United States, the Vice President of the United States. They’ve been very quiet on the situation. It’s very disappointing that they haven’t made that message themselves that you can’t come into this country illegally, one," the mayor said.

Salinas' frustrations echo those of other border communities that have been overrun by illegals, which leads to massive upticks in crime and essentially drains local resources like a plague of locusts in a field.

The border has remained a hot political topic that Biden and Democrats will eventually have to answer for as the 2024 election draws closer.

Only time will tell if they try and save face by bolstering law enforcement at the southern border, or if they continue to ignore the situation as they have for several years now.