Durham Report Shows Liberals' Worst Nightmare: The TRUTH

Well, anyone with half a brain in America could have predicted this was coming.

Special Counsel John H. Durham recently released the results of his investigation into the origins of the probe that investigated claims that Donald Trump colluded with Russia in the leadup to the 2016 election.

It was an absolute nightmare for America's liberals, as the objective report found that the FBI had been in bed with Clinton, Obama, Biden, and whoever else knew about the plan the entire time.

Obama, Biden, and the FBI knew all along that Clinton's claims that Donald Trump was in cahoots with Russia were absolutely false but did nothing to stand up for truth in America.

Of course, when these results went public, Democrats reacted in the exact way you would expect them to:

They disputed it. Despite having zero grounds to do so, liberals like Rep. Eric Swalwell (D-CA) are still spouting the baseless claim that Trump employed Russians to hack Hillary Clinton's campaigns.

"The Durham report did not disabuse the fact that Trump asked the Russians to hack Hillary Clinton. Russians did hack Hillary Clinton," the Democrat from California said. "Met with, had his team meet with people offering dirt on Hillary Clinton at Trump Tower and Donald Trump, it still looks like, was trying to do the biggest deal of his life in Moscow while he was a candidate. So if that was not disproved, then this report seems of little value."

Weird how only the lying liberals in America think that Durham's report is of "little value."