Durham Report Reveals Truth Conservatives Already Knew

 May 17, 2023

The final report from Special Counsel John H. Durham's investigation into claims that Donald Trump colluded with Russia shows that REAL Americans were right about the situation all along.

America's investigation into Trump's Russian ties that didn't exist was "always dems politicizing intelligence."

It's not just ordinary Republican voters who understand that though. Former Director of National Intelligence John Ratcliffe just came out in support of the regular voters who have known the truth the whole time:

"When I became Director of National Intelligence, I asked to see all U.S. intelligence of ‘Trump Russia collusion,’" Ratcliffe said, adding:

There was none.

Ratcliffe says that Durham's report just proves that we were right all along:

"There was none—and I reported same to Special Counsel John Durham. His report confirms that fact—it was always Dems politicizing intelligence," Durham posted on Twitter.

The truth is out, and Democrats are already doing backflips to avoid it. Hopefully this insanity ends soon, and order can be restored to America in 2024. If the truth keeps being exposed, it just might happen.