Drones Hit Russia In 'Worst Attack On Moscow Since WW2'

When we think of the war between Russia and Ukraine, for some reason, there seems to be very little concern for Vladimir Putin.

Maybe it's because he's a bad man and people don't really care if anything happens to him. Maybe it's because he's such a global megastar that we feel as if it's almost impossible for anything to happen to him.

Regardless of how you feel about Vladimir Putin, there's no doubt that the man is MUCH closer to the front lines of his war than he'd ever imagined he would be.

After a barrage of missile attacks on Ukraine in recent days, many of which were focused on Kyiv, Ukraine decided to fight back.

The result was an explosion "within earshot" of Putin's place.

Dozens of presumably Ukrainian drones appeared to target Moscow, homing in on the wealthiest suburbs the drones could find. Despite there being reports of dozens of drones, only two civilians were injured.

Just like always, the politicians get away. It's the rest of us that war destroys.