Dr. Ben Carson calls out Jill Biden for treatment of aging president

 June 18, 2024

The doctor has spoken, and he does NOT have good news for Jill Biden.

Ben Carson has gone on national television and asserted that the first lady has knowingly allowed her husband to stay at the top of America's government despite seeing firsthand that he is NOT mentally well.

Not only is this having a dramatically negative impact on all of the citizens of America who would really like a competent leader in the White House, it's also incredibly cruel to Joe Biden.

The aging old man appears unaware of where he is during almost all public appearances.

When he is at least semi-conscious, he's inappropriately sniffing, kissing, and grabbing anyone he can get his hands on.

Most of the time, though, Joe just appears completely clueless.

He has needed help talking and walking on many occasions.

See for yourself:

Despite seeing the damage that this is doing to our country, Jill Biden is too invested in the power her husband's position gives the family, so she simply won't have him step down.

Carson is tired of it. So is the rest of America.

Carson said that Jill Biden "in particular" is aware of Joe's cognitive decline but refuses to do anything about it because that would mean removing her family from the Oval Office.

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