Donald Trump's former lawyer calls for investigation into Jack Smith

August 28, 2023

Attorney Alina Habba, who previously worked for former President Donald Trump, appeared for an interview on Fox News on Sunday where she called for an investigation into Special Counsel Jack Smith because his indictment against Trump amounted to nothing more than political "theatrics."

Habba explained that "We're not concerned because we know the facts of the cases, which I can't get into, obviously, for privileged reasons, but I can tell you that it's to tie him up. It's definitely political. The motivation [of Fulton County DA Fani Willis] is now under investigation by Jim Jordan for, and I believe Jack Smith should be investigated as well."

Of the four indictments that Trump is facing, not a single one has solid ground, which isn't an issue for Democrats who are simply trying to damage Trump's 2024 campaign.

If by some chance one of the indictments against Trump succeeds and results in a conviction, that would simply be a nice bonus.

Habba also noted that, "These trial dates also are going to move. It's unrealistic. It's theatrics, and no judge is going to say that you can be on two trials at once in two different states, because a lot of these overlap. They look at the start date of the trial, but these are four- to six-week trials at the least. So there's no way they're not going to overlap. I mean, they're gonna have to go into October, November of next year, again, by design."

There is no question that these indictments are overtly political and those responsible, especially Smith, must be held accountable.

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