Donald Trump's design for next Air Force One goes down in favor of Joe Biden's new design

 March 12, 2023

Air Force One is due for an upgrade,  and former President Donald Trump had selected a design for the next iteration of the president's jet. However, that design was discarded by President Joe Biden who chose an alternative design.

A press release from the Air Force on Friday confirmed the decision that will see Biden's design implemented for the “Next Air Force One."

The new aircraft will be a VC-25B and will be slightly larger than the previous VC-25A which is the current Air Force One.

Trump's design was notable for its unique red, white, and blue color scheme that would have been a major departure from the arguably mundane design that has been in use since the Kennedy administration.

The new Air Force One will be delivered in 2027 with a second on the way in 2028. The Air Force will maintain the capability to operate the VC-25A until the VC-25B's are ready to go.

It is no surprise to see Biden discarding his predecessor's design considering the symbolism that a new and exciting scheme would bring for Donald Trump.