Donald Trump vows to rip up Biden's planned Asia trade deal

November 19, 2023

Former President Donald Trump promised that if he is elected to the Oval Office next year, he will kill a new Pacific trade deal that President Joe Biden is pushing.

During a campaign stop in Fort Dodge, Iowa, on Saturday, Trump broke down the proposed trade deal that Biden revealed at the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation summit in California.

Trump told supporters that, "Under the next administration... the Biden plan for 'TPP Two' will be dead on day one. It's worse than the first one,” he said of the new deal. “Threatening to pulverize farmers and manufacturers with another massive globalist monstrosity designed to turbocharge outsourcing to Asia."

The issue of outsourcing is one that strikes at the core of many Americans who have witnessed globalization decimate the nation's manufacturing sector.

Trump's promises to destroy Biden's terrible trade deals will go a long way toward getting him the working-class vote.

President Biden is already lagging behind Trump because of his terrible economic policy, and doubling down on globalist trade deals won't help him bring back the voters he so desperately needs to win next year's election.

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