Donald Trump Still Dominating Polls Despite Indictments

 June 23, 2023

It's getting so outrageous, they've started calling him "Teflon Don."

Former President Donald Trump just refuses to lose momentum, despite Democrats' best efforts to prevent it.

The pundits can't understand why Trump is still the most popular candidate in the 2024 contest.

However, American voters do.

It's because he's out there fighting the liberal elite like we wish we could.

SOMEBODY needs to hold America's liberals accountable, but normal people like us can't do it. That's just because they call us bigots as soon as we open our mouths, regardless of what we were going to say.

They do that to Trump as well, but he's got enough money and power to make them listen anyway.

Liberals sure don't like it.

Analysts sure can't understand it.

But real Americans?

Well, REAL Americans like it AND understand it.

Somebody needs to stand up for the little guy. If it just happens to be a billionaire whose lifestyle we could never understand, then so be it.