Donald Trump Speaks About Military Plan To Handle Mexican Cartels

 April 21, 2023

Former President Donald Trump voiced his support for a military plan to take down Mexican drug cartels.

Trump said that he supports a proposal from Republican Representative Michael Waltz of Florida and Republican Representative Dan Crenshaw of Texas that would authorize the use of military force against Mexican drug cartels to target the criminal enterprises and dismantle them.

"I would do that," Trump said about the Authorization for the Use of Military Force (AUMF) legislation that the congressmen have recently proposed.

"Trump had earlier this year released a policy video in which he explained he supported using the military to target the cartels, but this is the first time he has weighed in on the specific proposal before Congress to do so," reports Breitbart. "In response to Waltz’s AUMF plan, Mexican president Andrés Manuel López Obrador has said he opposes it and even threatened to interfere in U.S. elections to help Democrats and oppose Republicans in response to it."

"In addition to being irresponsible, it is an offense to the people of Mexico," López Obrador said.

Trump said that he has a good relationship with López Obrador.

The former president said López Obrador is a "gentleman," even though he is a "socialist."

Trump argued that if he were elected back to the White House, he would be able to work with the Mexican leader to get rid of cartels and use U.S. military assets to carry out that plan.

"I also have a very good relationship with the president of Mexico," Trump said. "He’s a socialist but he also happens to be a gentleman. You can’t have everything, right? But he’s a great person. Certainly, I would deal with him."

"This is an invasion of our country — this isn’t just people walking over," Trump continued. "This is an invasion. Many of these are people we do not want in our country. They’re very bad for our country. They’re very bad and dangerous. But this is an invasion of our country. Nope, we will stop it and we will stop it immediately."