Donald Trump seeing surge in Gen Z support

 April 21, 2024

Donald Trump is picking up votes from many categories of people in America that liberals are supposed to have a stranglehold on.

However, because of a combination of Trump's increasing momentum and Joe Biden's inability to produce a pulse, there are a lot of people in America looking to vote for the former president in 2024 who aren't usually considered typical Republican voters.

The Black community is turning away from Biden.

The Hispanic community is turning away from Biden.

Now, the young people of America are turning away from Biden as well.

And who do you think they're turning to?

That's right, Donald Trump.

Trump is QUICKLY closing the gap on Biden when it comes to support from people ages 18-29.

However, this isn't a demographic that Trump needs to win.

As long as Trump is competitive in the demographics that usually go mostly to Democrats, Donald is going to have a VERY good chance of prevailing in November.