Donald Trump says Joe Biden's aliases add further reason to impeach him

September 4, 2023

Former President Donald Trump blasted President Joe Biden for having "more aliases than Al Capone" and calling on Congress to impeach him.

In comments to Just the News on Thursday, Trump stated, "I don't think when you have all these preparations, and you have all of these different methods, even all the aliases – whoever heard of (having) more aliases than Al Capone – I would think that you know, a fair person because you want it to be fair, it has to be fair … but a fair person would have no choice but to impeach."

Trump also warned Republicans that failing to impeach President Biden would have serious consequences.

The former president said, "The bottom line is if this cash is true, if all these things are true – you know the statement is true about the billion dollars, because he's got that (on video) – I don't know actually how Republicans could not do it. I think a Republican would be primaried and lose immediately, no matter what district they're in."

All of this information about Biden's business activities and secret aliases has raised questions about why none of this was discovered in 2019 when Trump was being impeached for asking Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy to investigate Hunter Biden.

It turns out that the FBI had received information about the Biden's in Ukraine and yet none of that factored into Trump's impeachment. Those who were responsible for covering up that information must be held accountable, and Republicans need to stop beating around the bush and launch formal impeachment hearings.

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