Donald Trump says he has 'already won' Jan. 6th case

 July 30, 2023

Former President Donald Trump said he has "already won" a widely anticipated federal case against him related to the Jan. 6, 2021, Capitol riots, thanks to two prior failed impeachment efforts.

Trump took to Truth Social on Friday to say, "How can Deranged Jack Smith bring a case on January 6th., as ridiculous as it is anyway, when I have already won such a case, and been fully acquitted, in the U.S. Senate? In other words, I was Impeached on this, and WON!!! ELECTION INTERFERENCE & PROSECUTORIAL MISCONDUCT, all rolled up as one. We are truly a Nation In Decline!"

Special Counsel Jack Smith is essentially re-litigating Trump's supposed culpability for the Jan. 6th protest, allegations on which the Senate already acquitted Trump.

Of course, the Senate's acquittal didn't preclude criminal charges from possibly being brought against Trump, but it certainly means Smith's job will be harder.

Worse, it further reinforces the idea that the Department of Justice is targeting Trump politically.

But it seems Smith isn't concerned with convicting Trump but instead with drawing the legal battle out as long as possible. Smith's investigation is meant to disrupt Trump's campaign, and a conviction would be a bonus.