Donald Trump says supporters likely won't be surprised by VP selection

 January 22, 2024

Former President Donald Trump teased his running mate selection on Saturday, saying that those who have been watching the 2024 race will likely not "be that surprised" at his choice.

That statement confirmed a few different things. It confirms that Trump has made his choice already, and it also confirms that some of the fringe names that have come up along the way are out of the running.

Trump stated, "I may or may not really [decide] something over the next couple of months. There's no rush to that. It won't have any impact at all. The person that I think I like is a very good person, a pretty standard. I think people won't be that surprised, but I would say there's probably a 25% chance that would be that person."

While many are fixated on Trump's pick, he himself stated that he doesn't particularly care about the position, and he believes neither should Americans.

Trump continued by saying, "It's never really had that much of an effect on an election, which is an amazing thing, both election and primary. It's never really had much of an effect."

Despite Trump's claim, Americans are eager to see who Trump's right-hand man or woman will be in 2024.