Trump remains favorite for next year's election, DeSantis slipping out of contention

 May 21, 2023

Former President Donald Trump is still the Republican favorite for next year's presidential election, with Florida Governor Ron DeSantis slipping in this week's Morning Consult survey.

The poll found that Trump has a crushing lead, with 78% of respondents viewing him favorably to just 20% who do not favor him.

DeSantis came in second with a 66% favorability rating, which is down from 72% last week. The governor has been looking for a big break to catch up with Trump, but so far, he hasn't been able to pull in line with the former president.

While there are a handful of other Republicans running for the top job, the race is firmly between Trump and DeSantis, who hasn't even officially announced his candidacy.

DeSantis is expected to make an announcement soon, but many are wondering if it is worth it. Trump's claim to the nomination seems inevitable, barring unexpected circumstances.

The Democrat Party has failed to stop Trump's political plans, so it seems hard to imagine DeSantis being able to do so. The momentum is on Trump's side, and it will take something big to change the race.