Donald Trump: Not Reporting With Credibility Has Consequences

 February 3, 2023

Donald Trump has a lot of enemies, sure. But if you had to whittle it down to just four, Donald might pick the four that continue to give power to his other enemies.

CNN, MSNBC, the New York Times, and the Washington Post.

That's because one of the only reasons that people like Joe Biden were able to defeat Trump with lies in 2020 was because the media allowed it.

They covered up Hunter Biden's corrupt laptop prior to the 2020 election to make sure that Americans wouldn't know the truth about his family until after voters had cast their ballots.

America has been paying for it ever since.

Trump knows how much damage fake news causes, and that's why he's working so hard to squash it now.

"The fake news media like CNN, MSDNC – which is sometimes referred to as MSNBC –the Washington Compost – which is sometimes referred to as the Washington Post – and the failing New York Times are doing really, really badly and closing up shop all over the place," Trump said.