Donald Trump Makes Victory Announcement - Must Stop Crisis

October 12, 2022

Americans want Republicans to win the midterms in 2022, but just how badly Americans NEED Republicans to win the midterms remains to be seen.

If you ask Donald Trump though, he thinks he already has the answer.

This is as good as an elimination game. It's a "must-win" this fall.

Trump thinks that it will be a "historic victory" for Republicans in midterms.

In order for that to happen, the American voters have to get on board and get enthusiastic.

"First we have to win a historic victory for the Republican Party this November," Trump said to a huge crowd in Arizona.

He's been campaigning a lot in Arizona, a state that went as blue as it ever has in 2020. Trump is doing his best to reverse that trend, and he's got a good start already. Just as important to Trump as Arizona has to be Pennsylvania and Ohio as well.

"Job number one for Republican Congress is to stop the invasion and that’s what it is. It’s like a military invasion. In many ways, it’s worse because, with military, you can stop them with force. These people are coming through totally unencumbered. But we have to stop the invasion on our southern border," Trump said.

The people of Arizona couldn't agree more.

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