Donald Trump lets loose on New York Judge for forcing his daughter to testify in fraud trial

 October 29, 2023

Former President Donald Trump ripped into New York Judge Arthur Engoron for forcing his daughter, Ivanka Trump, to testify in his civil fraud trial, despite an appeals court dropping her as a defendant in the case.

In a post to Truth Social, Trump stated, "I truly believe he is CRAZY, but certainly, at a minimum, CRAZED in his hatred of me. This case should have never started, but now must be dismissed."

Engoron is an individual who clearly suffers from Trump Derangement Syndrome, and the former president has been vocal about that by calling Engoron a "partisan political hack" and a "radical Trump hater."

Trump went further by saying Engoron is an "out of control "Nut Job," who fined me $10,000 over a ridiculous Gag Order so that the publicity for the day would take over from the fact that Racist James and the Judge's Star Witness admitted LYING TO CONGRESS on the stand - CASE OVER!"

Engoron is living every radical leftist's dream by exercising every ounce of power that he has over the former president.

The fines leveled against Trump for criticizing Engoron are especially egregious and demonstrate how wrong this proceeding is. However, it is likely that Trump will have the last laugh when everything is said and done.