Donald Trump leading Joe Biden in 2024 poll, winning on economy and crime

 December 10, 2023

A new poll from the Wall Street Journal found that former President Donald Trump is beating President Joe Biden 47% to 43%, and that lead increases to 6% with the addition of multiple third-party candidates into the electoral mix.

Republican pollster Tony Fabrizio explained, "If this race is about policy and performance, then Donald Trump has a significant advantage. If this race is about temperament and character, things like that, then Biden has an advantage."

It seems that the race is indeed about policy and performance, as the WSJ poll found that 49% of voters think Trump’s policies helped them. This is compared to the drastically smaller 23% of voters who think Biden's policies have helped them.

Voters give Trump the advantage on the issues of economy, inflation, crime, border security, and the war between Israel and Hamas. Biden has an advantage on abortion, which has been the Democrat Party's only winning issue lately.

There is less than a year to go before the 2024 presidential election, and Trump is crushing Biden across a wide variety of issues facing the nation.

The American people's quality of life has steadily declined over the past three years since Joe Biden was sworn into office. The Trump years seem like a golden era in comparison to what we have now, and that will have a profound effect on the election next year.